Yoga - Buffalo Plaid (Bamboo)

Yoga - Buffalo Plaid (Bamboo)


The Yoga Headband is a wide, straight band built with 2 layers of high quality cotton spandex.  The 2-layer design can be worn at maximum width or it can be rouged (pinched and pulled) for a thinner, more voluminous band!  This is a great option for sweat absorption, protecting the forehead from sun and cold, and for optimal hair hold back!

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  • Care Instructions


    • Machine wash/dry BUT laying flat to dry will extend the life! 

    Shrinking and Stretching: 

    • All fabric is preshrunk so your band will not get any smaller. 
    • If your band feels tight give it a slow but firm stretch--the seams are built to stretch and this will improve the fit of your band!
    • If your band feels loose - wash and dry the band -- don't forget to pinch and volumize the band when you wear it as it will improve fit!