Tied-Up - Believe
The Lavished in Grace Collection is here!! A portion of proceeds from this collection will be donated to the Marianetti family in their quest for accessible transportation! 

The Tied-Up Headband is a throwback to the vintage-style tied bandana - only stretchy!
	High quality cotton spandex that is comfortable and durable
	Fits 20-24" head circumference (approx. 8+ yrs.)
	Adjustable- simply untie the knot and tie to the desired fit. 			Tip 1: Once you have the desired fit leave the knot in place so it is easier to put on and off quickly!
		Tip 2: Turn it around and wear it ninja-style!
	Machine wash and dry

NOTE:  Colours and prints are constantly changing -- Selections displayed on models may no longer be available!  Please check product listings for availability.

Tied-Up - Believe


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