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The Knotted Headband takes fashion headbands to the next level--all the style of a hard band but twice the comfort!  The knotted headband  is a soft, stretchy headband with a knot built into the top for style--you can make minor adjustments to band fit by loosening or tightening the knot.



The Tied-Up Headband is a throwback to the vintage-style tied bandana - only stretchy!  It is adjustable- simply untie the knot and tie it the way you like it! Once you have the desired fit leave the knot in place so it is easier to put on and off quickly! 

Tied-Up Square.jpg

Junior Turban

The Junior Turban is the same design as the Turban-Style--just designed for children!  It will fit heads 18"-21" around (approximately 2-12 years).  However, teens and adults who prefer a narrower, tight-fitting band may also enjoy the Junior Turban.  Matching Mommy& Me bands are available in select patterns! 



The Turban-style Headband is the original Institches product and remains the most popular for many reasons.  Comfortable, stylish and versatile-- it can be worn with the turban knot in the front (as pictured on the model) OR the knot can be turned to the back so that the band is widest in the front!  

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The Yoga headband offers the ultimate coverage and comfort.  It is a wide, straight band that can be worn at maximum width or it can be rouged (pinched and pulled) for a thinner, more voluminous band!  This is a great unisex option for sweat absorption, protecting the forehead from sun and cold, and for optimal hair hold back!


Institches was born in the search for a better fitting, better feeling, and better looking headband than what the market had to offer!  Each product is meticulously handcrafted from only the highest quality fabric in cutting edge colours and prints.   

Institches is a small Canadian business and we do our best to support other Canadians by sourcing supplies on home turf!  As this small business blooms into something bigger you can bet that all products will continue to be Canadian-made by independent makers and small batch manufacturers! 

  Institches headbands are made with three things in mind-quality, comfort, and style.  Try one on for size...you won't take it off!

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